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HEY welcome to my MAIN BLOG!!
this is the central station to just about everything I do on the tumblinator, so expect tonnes of reblogs and life text.

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Godzilla vs. Mothra: Godzilla fights moths!

I’m not reviewing them but everyone must know that I was pissed about shitty games

I played like 12 sushi game apps and they were all shitty. Ads in the middle of gameplay? 30 second unskippable ads bw 20 seconds of play?

I shouldn’t have deleted the tumblr app before this trip

I want my precious little kitty ASAP so I can attempt to be restrained in loving the cat I don’t have yet

Dark chocolate orange #cravings

The monster in my dream last night was a bloody spine with a head sitting on the pelvis with some legs thrown on there somewhere

I came here to see birds but the birds are too far away

I learned here that I can’t function without a todo list

What a time I have had here. Tomorrow we are going home. Saturday we will get there

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